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An impact on the human and professional empowerment of women in South East Asia

TrendEthics responds to a social need by providing an answer to the challenges of ethnic minority women in South East Asia by helping them to overcome precariousness, to preserve their culture and know-how and to take up the challenge of ecological and solidarity transition.

.Overcoming precariousness

  • TrendEthics trains local artisans from a technical and organizational point of view so that they can lead a "business development" approach and make a living from their know-how.
  • With a more stable income, women will be able to finance their children's education more confidently.

.Preserving their cultures and crafts

  • TrendEthics promotes the ancestral know-how of minorities by enhancing traditional patterns on cushion covers. 
  • Young girls will be trained in traditional weaving and then hired in weaving cooperatives. In this way, traditional activities are preserved.

.Facing the challenge of ecological and solidarity transition

  • Keeping activities in the villages makes it possible to avoid the rural exodus which is often the solution to finding a job, thus unbalancing the lifestyles of the populations and the environment. It also makes it possible to propose a sustainable and caring economic model to minorities.
  • TrendEthics offers modern collections in the current of ethical and responsible fashion as opposed to fast fashion.

TrendEthics leads actions in these areas: Environment, Empowerment and Education.


.Environnement with the support of sustainable agriculture and clean resource access projects. 

The ecological challenge that is greater in the poorest countries, pushes us to rethink our relationship with the environment and to take into account the needs of the most vulnerable.

The minorities' lifestyle is more respectful of the environment, in fact they represent 5% of the population and preserve 80% of the biodiversity that remains today.

.TrendEthics shares, in Europe, the good environmental practices of these minorities and seeks to preserve their lifestyle by helping them to develop sustainable local activities such as weaving.

.TrendEthics wishes to fund programs around sustainable agriculture, including fibers for clothing (indigenous cotton, hemp, natural dyeing ...) & access to water and clean energy.


.Education through craft training programs.

Today, many young people from ethnic minorities have to leave their villages to find work in the big cities, they feel very lonely and often work in precarious jobs (factories, construction...). In order to allow these young people to work in their village, trendethics wishes to train them in crafts and especially in weaving.

TrendEthics works in partnership in Laos with a training centre for deaf and mute girls in weaving to support the development of this activity and help them better structure production.


.Women empowerment by helping them to restructure craft sectors including weaving!

Our lifestyle, through its excessive consumption of all resources, has an impact on biodiversity and the climate. The first victims are these disadvantaged minorities who are vulnerable because they do not have the means to adapt.

Rethinking growth in order to achieve an ecological and solidarity-based transition involves enhancing the know-how of women and men and empowering artisans to develop their activity in their villages.

.TrendEthics develops empowerment programs around weaving:

- Creation of a catalogue of traditional designs and colours for each cooperative

- Support for the structuring of production (yarns, dyeing, answering to orders, ...).

- Sales management and administration support (shipping & invoicing)

- Business development support

- Funding of glasses for 10 weavers from the Ede ethnic group in Buon Ma Thuot thanks to sales (240€) in 2019

TrendEthics is committed to the development and sale of handcrafted products on a daily basis in compliance with 6 values:

1. Social entrepreneurship

2. Integrity and transparency

3. Respect for men and women

4. Interaction with local communities

5. Respect for the environment

6. Funding of local projects


Woven in Asia Made in France

We are proud to have an impact on our entire production chain. Therefore, most of our beautiful cushions are sewn near Paris in a workshop employing women in rehabilitation, a few collections are sewn by disabled or disadvantaged women in Cambodia and Vietnam.



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