A story of passion!


Our mission: People, cultures and the planet.

We dream of a better world that enhances everyone's know-how, natural resources and fights against inequalities.

We are convinced that local communities in South East Asia, especially women, can be actors in sustainable initiatives that create value for the rest of the world. Through their culture, their lifestyle and their proximity to nature, these minorities can provide a response to socio-environmental issues.

At trendethics, we structure local artisans and we finance education, environmental and empowerment projects.


Stories that converge on the development of ethnic minority handicrafts in South East Asia!

Marie Van Haecke, always fascinated by the magic of colours and guided towards adventure, fell in love with Asia during a first trip in 2008! Amazed by the ancestral culture of weaving, passionate about entrepreneurship and beautiful products, she had the intuition and the vision of TrendEthics as early as 2012 when slowfashion was not yet a hot topic. She wants to put her skills at the benefit of the economic development of ethnic minorities.

More specifically, she found the first local contacts, pilots the communication, follows the production in Paris and develops business partnerships, not to mention the multitude of diverse and varied tasks that abound on the to-do!

Lucie Tailhades, a general engineer with a master's degree in environmental engineering, spent four months in Vietnam teaching English to ethnic minority students. There she discovered the cultural richness, particularly their weaving skills. Concerned about socio-environmental issues, she wants to develop decent and sustainable work through crafts.

She is currently in the field, combining encounters and inspiring initiatives while continuing to discover the many ethnic minorities in order to forge solid partnerships and structure cooperatives. As a magician of tables, she follows, among other things, the production of the fabrics, the budget and the requests for financing!

Blandine Delanoy studies literature and philosophy at the ENS in Paris. It is during a 5-month volunteer work as an English teacher in Vietnam that she discovered the cultural treasures of ethnic minorities. Passionate about educational issues, she wishes to commit herself to put transmission at the heart of the development of societies and individuals.

Her pen on the blog will make you travel from your couch! Apprentice logistician in her spare time, it is thanks to her that we can store our beautiful cushions!

Woven in Asia Made in France

We are proud to have an impact on our entire production chain. Therefore, most of our beautiful cushions are sewn near Paris in a workshop employing women in rehabilitation, a few collections are sewn by disabled or disadvantaged women in Cambodia and Vietnam.



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